Annuity Leads


Our Annuity Carriers

We offer a wide variety of annuity carriers to give you every opportunity to meet your clients' needs.

Our main carriers are Allianz Life & Allianz Preferred, Phoenix Life, EquiTrust, and American Equity. We are constantly comparing the rates of all annuity carriers to insure the most completive products for both you and your clients.


Highest Street Level Commission Available

You will never receive less than the highest commissions available unless you choose to contribute a portion of your commissions into marketing.

Some agents choose to take slightly less commission for a larger amount of leads, but it is always left up to your discretion.


You success is in our best interest. We do not sell annuity leads directly. We want to partner with you and share a vesting interest in the success of the annuity leads and your business.

No Long Term Contracts If at any point you choose to go in a different direction with your annuity business, we will honor any release request in a timely manner.
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