Annuity Leads

Sell an Annuity ----------->

Partner with us through one of
our top carriers and submit an annuity case.

Advertising Funding -------->

For each $150,000 in annuity
premium, we will invest $1000 in marketing for you.

Lead Generation ----------->

The marketing investment will
result in several high quality leads in your area.

New Annuity Clients

Close the leads and complete the cycle.
The premium from the sales replenish your marketing dollars and the flow of leads continues.

Annuity Client Prospecting: A lost Art Form

For financial planners, the process of annuity client prospecting can often be as daunting as it is important. Over the past 25 years, the insurance and financial industries have had a dramatic shift from mostly captive career agents and financial planners, to the majority being independent. With that change, proper prospecting training and support has been all but lost and forgotten.

Becoming a licensed financial planner takes hours upon hours of classroom training, numerous tests, and of course continuing education year after year. In all those hours of training, not a word is spoken about how to actually find clients. We here are have developed a system for independent financial planners to specifically address this problem. A system that we feel is the most equitable, simple, and most importantly, effective prospecting program in the country.

Pre-Set Appointments:

Whether the current method you use to finding annuity clients is through referrals, seminars, or advertisement, the goal is the same: Get an Appointment! When you partner with us, we are going to take all the steps leading up to an appointment off your plate. Your first interaction with all new clients will be a face to face meeting.

Qualified Annuity Clients:

All potential annuity prospects are people who have specifically sought out information on annuities, and they are pre-qualified through a lengthy phone interview with one of our licensed specialists. The process starts when they take the first step of searching online for annuity information and landing on our informative annuity site, Once there, they have the option to request a quote or speak to an advisor. We then contact the potential annuity client, answer any questions and concerns they have regarding annuities, and if they are a viable candidate for an annuity, we set up an appointment for you to meet at your office, their home, or a neutral place of their choosing. We provide them with your contact information as well as brief bio of your industry experience.

Cost of the Program: Partnering Over Paying

We will set appointments for you with high quality annuity prospects in your area, and we will do so at absolutely no cost to you. And yes, we know there are no free lunches (except maybe at your financial seminar), and there is always a catch. But the good news is the 'catch' is very simple; do what you do best - write an annuity.

Once you partner with us with any of our preferred annuity carriers and submit your first case, you'll of course receive the top street level commission with NO HAIRCUT, and we begin actively marketing in your area. You will soon have your first appointment set for you, and as long as you continue to write annuities with us, we will continue finding you high quality prospects in your area. For more information, please visit the 'get started page', or call 800-501-1984.

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