Annuity Leads

Annuity Leads

We understand that successful financial planners do not want to waste time with outdated lists and unreliable leads.

If you have bought or received annuity leads in the past and were left with a bad taste in your mouth, you are not alone. Most agents we speak to start out by telling us horror stories of past lead programs that have come up short. The difference with is that it was created by financial planners, and built for financial planners. Lead quality is our highest priority.

All the annuity leads generated are internet based. Meaning, a potential annuity client visits our annuity informational website where he or she is able to research information on annuities. On the site, they then have the option to fill out a form requesting an annuity quote, or they can request to speak with an agent. Once the quote request is received by our team, the phone number is verified and immediately sent to the financial planner we work with in that designated city or region.

One Agent Per Lead

Leads Are Never Shared Between Agents

You will be the first, and the last agent to contact the annuity leads generated for you.
Many other lead programs send each lead to several agents at once, making it incredibly hard to stand out amongst the many calls they will receive. Our leads are also completely fresh and sent to you within minutes of the potential client filling out the form.


The Clients Are Your Neighbors

You choose the specific location from which the leads are generated.
We work with each agent individually to determine the radius of the search location. In larger cities, less area is needed to generate leads on a consistent basis while more rural areas require a larger search area. Each location is exclusive to one agent so you will never be competing for leads.

Search Based Results

The annuity leads generated are never directly marketed to. We only find them after they take the first step by actively searching for annuity information on their own. The site provides extensive information on annuities, both pros and cons, so once they do fill out the form, they are usually very well informed on how annuities work. We never offer incentives or 'free gifts' for fill out the request forms, which can lead to watered down leads. Get Started Today!