About Us

FixedAnnuityLeads.com is a nationwide service that provides high quality annuity prospects to agents, financial planners, agencies, IMO's, FMO's, and insurance companies. Over the past 15 years, we have developed a system for financial planners that we feel is the most equitable, simple, and most importantly, effective prospecting program in the country. Our program was devolved not only for annuity producers, but also devolved by annuity producers and top annuity industry leaders. We focus exclusively on annuity prospecting.

Potential annuity consumers from all over the country that show interest in annuities, annuity rates and or general annuity information find their way to one of our consumer-friendly annuity websites. Once there, they have to option to request a quote, speak to salesperson, or simply ask for additional annuity information. As soon as a request form is filled out, we verify it and immediately pass along to you their contact details, including name, phone number, email, age, location, and investment amount when available, as well as all other pertinent information we have gathered.