Annuity Leads


How much do the leads cost?

The leads are free! Okay, so we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch so what's the catch? is not a lead vendor in the sense that we sell leads to whomever wants them. We actually never sell leads to anyone. What we do is partner with successful financial planners throughout the US and provide leads at no cost for as long as they continue to write business. This means that we are only successful if you are, so we make sure to do everything in our power to provide the highest quality leads available.


How many leads will I get?

There are a number of factors that determine the number of annuity leads you will receive through our program. The biggest factor is going to be your location and the population size in your area. Obviously the larger the city, the more people there are so the frequency of leads is going to be high. To balance this out for less populated areas, we suggest that you be flexible when it comes to the area size you are willing to cover or travel to. For example, if you like in a small town or rural area, we suggest you have the leads set at a 40 mile radius as opposed to a 20 mile radius if you are in a larger city. Some areas inherently do better than others for any number of reasons, but we get a general target of 3-5 high quality leads a week. 

Where will the annuity leads be located?

The geographical location of your annuity leads will be completely up to you. We will set search radius of 'x' amount of miles around your home or office so all leads will be local. You simply decide how far you are willing to travel to meet a potential client and we will do the rest.

Will I need to sell specific products?

No. Once an annuity lead is sent over to you, we consider that to be your client. We know that every situation is going to be different and we would of course expect you to do what is in the best interest of your clients at all time. In order for the leads to continue, you will need to have certain premium requirements met, however we will never pressure you to present an unsuitable product to any of your clients.

How will I be notified of a new lead?

Once a potential annuity lead fills out the request form, it is sent to our office and verified immediately. It is then emailed to you, followed up by a call from your marketing specialist to ensure that you have received the lead. More often than not, you will have the quote request in your inbox within minutes of the client filling it out.

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