Annuity Leads

Annuity Lead Objection Tips

"I'm just looking for information."

Many times when you receive an annuity lead the person may not necessarily be looking to purchase right away. They may state that they are simply looking for more information. Of course it would be great to have every lead simply ask you where to sign, however 'looking for information' is not a bad sign when it comes to an annuity lead. Keep in mind the nature of their search. It is one thing to go online and look up Ferraris, or a trip to India for fun but with no real intention of making a purchase. Actively searching for information on annuities doesn't exactly fall into the fun category for most people, so if they are looking, more often than not they have a reason to look.  

With this type of situation, it is best to position yourself as a resource that they can turn to anytime they need information on financial planning.  They may in fact be looking for options for their 401k down the road, or have a CD coming due in several months so the lead may not be an immediate sale, but could easily turn into a client down the road if a relationship is built.

After you have answered all their question and run any illustrations they may want, ask them if it would be ok for you to contact them periodically, either by phone or email. If you have provided a service and were helpful and friendly through out the process, they should have no objection to follow up communications.

Annuities sales are all about timing. You'll just want to make sure to stay in contact with your annuity lead periodically, so when that CD does come due, your name comes to mind.

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