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Keeping Track of Your Annuity Leads

When you are working the annuity leads in our program, there are going to be clients who are ready to buy right away and well as those who are looking for something more down the road. You will find that there is a steady flow of leads coming in, but properly following up on each one is very important. As new leads come in, it is crucial that you keep track of each client so that no opportunities slip through the cracks. The agents who have the most success are the ones who have a system in place for keeping notes, reminders and status updates on each leads.

Even something as simple as an excel spreadsheet will do the job if used properly. We are more than happy to provide you with a template which is used by many of our producers, but making one is as simple as have categories for their name, dates of first contact and last contact, investment mount, goals, and what ever other information you find useful. 

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