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Potential Client Wont Return My Call

It can be very frustrating when a situation arises where after several attempts at contacting an annuity lead, you receive no call back or response. While this is obviously never the ideal lead, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting in touch with your potential client.

When leaving a voicemail, it is important to have a clear and precise message that states the purpose of your call. You should also be clear about the fact that you are following up on their inquiry. You will want to have a basic structure in where you begin with your name and contact information, followed by a brief statement on  what services you will be able to provide, a call to action (no obligation illustration, etc), and finish by repeating your name and contact information at the end of your message. Keep it short and to the point. 

You will also want to try calling at different times through out the day. More often than not a persons' schedule is fairly consistent from one day to the next. Your first three attempts should be spread out over three days and all at different times. If you call at 9:30 am the first day, try 12:30 the second day, and 6:30 pm the third day. It is not advised to call more than once a day until you have spoken to your potential client live.

Each annuity lead you receive will also have their e-mail address, which often times is how a potential client prefers to begin communication. If you've called and left messages on several occasions with no luck, write them a brief email  similar in structure to the voicemails you have left. Writing an email can also give you more flexibility when is comes to providing information about yourself. If you have a website, make sure to link your bio so they will be able to read your credentials. Inevitably there may be times when you never do hear back from your annuity lead, but using these steps will greatly increase your chances.

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