Annuity Leads

Tips For Agents

Provide Multiple Annuity Options

After speaking to an annuity lead and getting the information needed to run a quote, it is a good idea to run illustrations on not only multiple products, but multiple carriers as well. The highest annuity rate doesn't always equate to the best overall product for a particular client. Other factors such as their investment timeframe, premium amount, risk tolerance, and even name recognition of a particular carrier can play a roll in whether or not a sale is made.

You should also include different types of products in the presentation. A client may tell you they are looking for an immediate annuity because they are looking for income, but also offering a traditional annuity with an income rider will show them another option while still giving them the choice to stick to an immediate. You do not want to overwhelm a potential annuity lead with too much information at once so try to keep it to two or three that you feel are the best fit.

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