Annuity Leads

Tips For Agents

Setting a Face to Face Appointment with an Annuity Lead

Meeting a potential annuity client in person early on will greatly increase the chance of a sale. Setting the appointment should be a high priority at all times. Even if your annuity lead has stated they may not be ready to purchase right away, it is important to start building a relationship so when the time does come when they are ready to invest, you will be the person they call.

The golden rule to setting an appointment is BE FLEXIBLE. Rather than insisting that the meeting take place in your office, offer alternatives such as a coffee house or a restaurant. Your potential clients home is where they more often than not are going to be most comfortable, but never suggest that option unless they offer it to you first.

You should also try to be very flexible when it comes to the time and day you are willing to meet. Many times a busy schedule prevents an annuity lead from meeting during normal business hours. If you provide the option to meet in the evening or on the weekend, it can be very helpful to your prospective client.

Putting the ball in your annuity leads court in terms of location and time is important, however you will want to attempt to set the appointment sooner rather than later. We never suggest being pushy or overly aggressive, but stressing to your client the benefits of meeting in person will help get the ball rolling.

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