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What Not to Ask a New Annuity Lead

There is a lot to be said about which questions you should ask a potential annuity client, but equally important is knowing what not to ask. When working with a new client it is important to remember that their comfort level will tend to be fairly low, especially when they have enquired online. Despite the fact that you may be well qualified to handle all of their financial needs, their initial skepticism may prevent them from offering up too much detailed information at first.

The best thing to do when first speaking to an annuity lead is to keep things more vague and less detail oriented. Rather than asking a direct question, such as 'how much do you have saved?', ask if they feel they have enough saved to reach the goals for retirement. Rather than asking what their income is, try asking if they have excess income each moth that they are able to put away.

When an annuity lead is given the opportunity to talk, as opposed to being bombarded with questions, they do tend to open up more. They have already expressed an interest in annuities by filling out the request form, so your best bet  is to let them explain to you exactly what the interest is, while answering any question they have before pressing them too much.

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