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Annuity Lead is Working with Another Agent

Hearing from an annuity lead that they are already working with another agent can be a little disheartening, but it doesn't have to be the end of the road either. There are many benefits that you can convey to your potential client to talking and working with a 2nd financial planner. You will obviously first and foremost want to be respectful and understand to the fact that they are working with someone else. The person they are working with may be a planner they have worked with for many years, a family friend, or even a family member. You should start off by letting them know that there is no cost or obligation for speaking to you.  

You should convey the fact that different planners are able to offer products from different carriers so it wouldn't hurt to take a look at products you have available. As an independent agent, this is a very important and strong case to bring up. Unlike a financial planner in a captive situation, you are able to offer products from a wide variety of carriers, rather than just one. Your sales team at will take care off all the comparisons, allowing you to approach your potential client with only the best rates available.

As their comfortable level with you increases, you should start asking a few more questions about the other financial planner they are working with to find out how flexible they would be when it comes to working with someone else. There is a good chance that it is simply a case where the other agents was just the first person they talked to. In that situation, you will have a much better chance of working with them in the end if your service, expertise, and product choices are better than your competition.  

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